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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
as John Connor & Cameron
8th September @ 8pm on FOX (Season 2)
-August 2008+
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I think Cameron feels as close to love for John as a robot could.

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August 27, 2008Summer talks to SFX about John/Cameron’s relationship
By Duerre | Newsletter | Join the community | Comments (2)

Summer Glau talks about the John and Cameron relationship on the SFX Magazine. You can see scans at Sarah Connor Society.

Last year fans were conjecturing whether a romance would blossom between the eerily human Cameron and her charge, John. But this year, Friedman introduces Riley (Leven Rambin) an actual love interest for John.
With that move, Glau says the shift is back to the dysfunctional family unit.
“I think the relationship between John and Cameron is so much more complicated than ‘I have a crush on you’. I didn’t want it to be an easy payoff. People were starting to expect it and it’s much more complicated.
Their relationship with one another in the future - we don’t know what that is - or exactly how he programmed her,” she teases. “And the stuff we do in the first episode - the scenes between us are amazing. It’s always going to be sort of a dysfunctional family because we belong to each other. You can’t help who your family is. We’re connected and we can’t help it”.

Two new posters have also been added to the photo gallery. One is really T2 like, the other really T1 like.

Gallery Link:
- Season 2 Promotional posters (x2)

August 26, 2008Jameron spoiler from Watch With Kristin
By Duerre | Newsletter | Join the community | Comments (9)

A Jameron question has been asked to Kristin Dos Santos in her spoiler chat, and what an answer we had!!

Pam in Singapore: Any scoop on John and Cameron’s relationship on Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles?
Cameron says those three little words to John in the first episode—which is wacky, seeing as how she’s a sociopathic robot. Right?

I think we are all thinking the same thing?!

Source: Watch With Kristin Spoiler Chat

August 25, 2008Season 1 Gag Reel
By Duerre | Newsletter | Join the community | Comments (7)

Aldea nicely donated the season 01 gag reel video for the site. You can watch it clicking on the thumbnail below.
Don’t forget that you can now comment videos directly on the archive.

I also made 166 screencaptures of this video. Enjoy!!

Gallery Link:
- Season 01 Gag Reel (x166)

PS: More extras to come soon!

August 24, 2008Video update
By Duerre | Newsletter | Join the community | Comments (6)

Like I promised, 7 video clips from Dungeons and Dragons are now available in the video archive, Thomas and/or Summer interviews have also been added.

More than adding videos, I also made some modifications to the archive.
First, you can now watch clips directly on the site and choose if you want to download them on your hard drive or not.
Then, you can also comment videos, all you need to do is to type the right code image. If this new captcha plugin is useful and really protect the site from spam, I’ll add it on the photo gallery as well.

- 7 clips from 1×06 - Dungeons and Dragons
- 6 cast interviews from 2008
- 1 fanvideo by AirOfina
- 1 BTS footage promoting the show

And finally, a new short FOX feature with new scenes. (Click on more)

August 22, 2008New Samson & Delilah episode stills
By Duerre | Newsletter | Join the community | Comments (3)

Thanks to Dekker_Daily and Sarah Connor Society, here are new episode stills from Samson & Delilah, season 2 episode premiere.
The pictures are all MQ, except the John and Cameron that is HQ.

Gallery Link:
- Samson & Delilah episode stills (x4)

August 22, 2008‘Resurrection’ - Samson & Delilah clip
By Duerre | Newsletter | Join the community | Comments (7)

New Samson & Delilah video clip provided by MovieWeb. Cameron talks to Sarah about Jesus Christ’s resurrection and faith.

August 22, 2008Samson & Delilah spoilers clips
By Duerre | Newsletter | Join the community | Comments (3)

Thanks to MovieWeb, watch video clips from Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles season 2 premiere: Samson & Delilah.

Following are only the John and/or Cameron related clips, but you can watch them all here.

Car crash

Flip the Jeep

August 21, 2008New Thomas and Summer Comic Con interview
By Duerre | Newsletter | Join the community | Comments (1)

New Thomas and Summer interview from Comic Con by Jason C. Thomas talks about John’s evolution and his new movie ‘Whore’ and Summer talks a little about Cameron.

PS: I am editing site permalinks, so the navigation will be more esthetic. (No more ?page=XX)

August 20, 2008New fanarts by Ana Jo
By Duerre | Newsletter | Join the community | Comments (0)

The very talented Ana Jo donated 67 new icons, 1 manipulation and 1 poster to the site.

- Go to Ana Jo’s icons album
- Go to Ana Jo’s posters album
- Go to Ana Jo’s manipulations album

Then, FOX has released a new campaign of photoshoots of all of their show. MQ pictures of John Connor and Cameron are available in the photo gallery. You can also watch a behind-the-scene video at Fox Fresh

Gallery Links:
- Cameron photoshoot for season 2 (x1)
- John Connor photoshoot for season 2 (x1)

August 20, 20083 Cast Interviews on Season 2
By Duerre | Newsletter | Join the community | Comments (3)

Here are 3 Cast Interviews featuring Thomas Dekker, Lena Headey and Summer Glau who talk about Season 2 of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. | Source

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